3 Clay Masks For Glowing Skin

Bentonite clay is quickly becoming more popular in the natural beauty world. It has a lot of excellent benefits. It contains nutrients like sodium, potassium, and calcium.

Bentonite clay is able to remove toxins from the body. It can provide a clearer complexion. Here are three different masks that you can make yourself using bentonite clay.

1 Lemon Clay Mask

You will notice that lemon is used a lot in natural beauty products because it is so good for your skin! It helps to clean out pores, is refreshing, and smells great. It is also a favorite during the summertime.

With this clay mask, you’re going to use bentonite clay, lemon essential oil, and a little bit of raw honey. You can also add some unrefined, virgin coconut oil to this mask. If you don’t have lemon essential oil, there is no reason that you can’t use lemon juice in its place. Combine the ingredients, apply the mask to your skin, and rinse off after a few minutes. If you have leftovers, store them in an airtight container.

2 Lavender And Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask

This clay mask is excellent for your acne, breakouts, as well as detoxing your skin. It uses some wonderful essential oils, like relaxing and soothing lavender and detoxing tea tree oil. The base of the mask is, of course, the bentonite clay.

To make it have a creamy consistency, you have your choice of ingredients. You can use virgin coconut oil that is melted, honey, or aloe vera gel. Fresh aloe vera gel directly from the plant is better; use organic aloe vera instead of the drugstore variety. This is a really soothing mask, not to mention helping with your complexion.

3 Coffee Clay Mask

If you want something a little different, why not combine the exfoliating power of coffee with the delicious health benefits of clay? This is also a great mask to give to others since it is unique and not typically something that you can find in stores. For this mask, use your bentonite clay or other cosmetic-grade clay.

Add in some finely-ground coffee and essential oils of your choosing. You may also want to use some rose water or distilled water to loosen up the mask a bit. Essential oils are only used for scent, so you can opt not to use them if you prefer not to.

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