3 Ways To Use Tea In Your Beauty Routine

Tea is not just good for you when you drink it. But it can also work wonders for your beauty. It is inexpensive.

It can be used alone. Tea can also be combined with other natural ingredients. Here are some different ways to use tea for natural beauty in the summer and other times of the year.

1 Green Tea Eye Mask

This eye mask is used around your eyes to reduce puffiness and lighten your dark circles. It is great to use when tiredness is showing on your face. You want to start with green tea that has been steeped and cooled off for this eye mask.

Add in some shea butter, vitamin E oil, almond oil, and a few drops of your preferred essential oils to the tea. You can then store it in an airtight container. When you want to use it, rub it on your eyes before bed.

2 Green Tea Moisturizer

Another tea-based beauty product that uses green tea is this moisturizer. The best thing about it is that it uses just two ingredients: green tea and coconut oil. You can also use another type of oil if you prefer, as long as it is gentle on your skin.

Start by steeping your green tea, preferably loose tea leaves, first. Once done, strain the tea, then mix in coconut oil while it is still hot. Now, you can let it soften and cool in this consistency or blend it up until it is more of a whipped texture. Store it in a container to be used as needed.

3 Tea Tree Foot Scrub

Green tea isn’t the only type of tea you can use for natural beauty. You can also use tea tree essential oil and some other ingredients to create a foot scrub. You can use tea tree oil, peppermint essential oil, or carrier oil of your choice. You need salt to exfoliate the skin, such as sea salt or other coarse salts.

You can also make the same scrub with other types of tea, not just the essential oil. Just make sure that it is steeped and cooled, and keep the ratios right so it is the right consistency. Don’t be afraid to add in your flavor and scent combinations for the foot scrub.

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