Deloris Watkins

Deloris Watkins is the editor of Smooth Like Butta's website and one of its biggest fans. She writes to share skincare wisdom she wishes she'd found sooner, but you know what they say: better late than never!

5 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Natural Beauty

Coconut oil is one of the top natural products you can use for your health, skin, and hair. You will find that coconut oil is recommended far more than any other product when it comes to beauty. Here are five different ways to use coconut oil for natural beauty.

1 Remove Your Makeup

The first option you have is to use coconut oil as a makeup remover. In each of these options, make sure that you are using organic, virgin, and unrefined coconut oil. This is the natural form of coconut oil that will work best for you.

You can purchase coconut oil in a big jar that will last longer and works better than traditional makeup removers. To remove makeup, you can apply it to a cotton pad or put it directly on your skin with your fingers. Rinse away the excess, but don’t worry about leaving it on your skin. It is a great moisturizer.

2 Deep Condition Your Hair

Coconut oil is also an amazing way to get soft, silky hair. It can be used completely on its own as a hair mask. All you need to do is melt the coconut oil by putting the jar in hot water, then grab some in your hands, and apply it to your hair.

You can put it on your damp hair, just let it sit while you shower, then rinse it off, or you can leave it on for longer by wrapping your hair with a towel. This is completely up to you. For deep conditioning, leave it on for an hour or longer before rinsing.

3 Improve Your Oral Health

If you haven’t tried coconut oil pulling, now is a great time to start. This will clean your teeth, whiten your teeth, and freshen your breath. You need about a tablespoon of melted coconut oil to do this.

Just put the coconut oil in your mouth, swish it around, and make sure that you do not swallow it. Try to do this for five to ten minutes about once or twice a day, depending on how long you can do it. You can start with just a couple of minutes at first until you become accustomed to it.

4 Promote Softer Skin

Coconut oil is also used to moisturize your skin. You can use it as a body lotion. You can also apply it to your skin before your regular skin lotion.

Just be careful not to use too much. If you have cracked cuticles, go ahead and apply them there. You will notice that your nails will look better, and manicures will last longer.

5 Reduce Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Finally, try adding some melted coconut oil to the skin underneath your eyes. This area is very soft. Hence, you should only use the gentlest of products.

This will help reduce puffiness. Coconut oil can also help with dark circles. Fine lines and wrinkles are also reduced.

4 DIY Bath Bomb Recipes

Bath bombs are a great and fun way to take a bath. It also improves and relaxes your skin at the same time. These are called bombs because they come apart when they sit in the bathwater.

Some have stuff inside. Others create a swirl, colored pattern. Here are five different bath bomb ideas that you can try out for yourself.

1 Lavender Bath Bomb

Lavender is definitely one of the most popular scents and essential oils. It is perfect for making your own bath bomb. With the lavender being used, this will provide relaxation and stress relief, and it will smell great and, of course, look pretty.

To make this lavender bath bomb, you want to use lavender essential oil, cream of tartar, baking soda, corn starch, filtered water, and Epsom salts. You can also add some dried flowers or leaves if you want. You will mix the ingredients, add them to a mini muffin pan or molds, and let them harden.

2 Green Tea Bath Bomb

Who doesn’t love green tea? This is a really fun idea for your own bath bomb. You will typically need to use and mix baking soda and citric acid, which is the base of the bath bomb.

To make it a green tea bomb, try adding some green tea seed extract and green tea seed oil. You can also add in a little green coloring so that it will look just like a real green tea bath bomb. Some other ingredients to consider adding are other essential oils or herbs for added health and scent.

3 Coconut And Fruit Bath Bomb

For this bath bomb, there is some room for customizing it to fit your preferences. As with all the bath bombs, you should start with baking soda, citric acid, and maybe some Epsom salts as well. You will then need melted coconut oil; use about three tablespoons for one batch of bath bombs.

Then add in some juice of your choice, like beet juice or grapefruit juice. You can add in some fruity essential oils to turn it into a fruit-scented bath bomb. The coconut oil will moisturize your skin, so you have added health benefits to this one.

4 Rose Petal Bath Bomb

This is a really pretty and romantic bath bomb to make. For this bath bomb, once again, use baking soda and citric acid. Then add in some rose water, rose essential oils, and some dried rosebuds or rose petals.

Drop it in your bath. You will notice that after this bath bomb is done, it will open up to reveal the rose petals, which are beautiful. You can enjoy a luxurious, relaxing bath.

3 DIY Face Mist Spray Options To Help You Stay Cool

If you find that you are uncomfortable during the summer because your face is hot and sweaty, why not give it a little mist? You can, of course, use a regular water bottle, but that tends to be a little much when you have makeup on. Plus, it isn’t very soothing.

Another option is to make your own face mist with various natural ingredients. Use a fine mist spray bottle. Here are some DIY options if you want to make a face mist at home.

1 Aloe And Oil Face Mist

When you are using a face mist in the summer, it is often to soothe hot and red skin if you have been under the hot sun for too long. When you are lying on the beach, it is relaxing to use a face mist with a little aloe vera to soothe your skin. But of course, this should never replace sunscreen.

For aloe vera and oil face mist, you want to use aloe vera gel with distilled water, witch hazel, and essential oils. Use soothing oils like tea tree oil and lavender. You can also go with something that helps with burning skin, like peppermint or frankincense.

2 Rose Water Face Mist

This rose face mist is perfect to use at any time, even for burning summer skin. You can also use it when you just want a little soothing mist on your face. For the rose face mist, use some rose water instead of regular distilled water.

You can make your own rose water or get pure rose water that you found elsewhere. To turn it into a face mist, add some coconut water and essential oils, like geranium or rose. Remember to use a spray bottle with a fine mist sprayer.

3 Lavender And Mint Face Mist

This is a great combination for a face mist you can use in the summer. The mint is cool and fresh. The lavender can soothe your skin.

Whether you have a light sunburn, rosacea that is flaring up, or hot skin from lying on the beach all day, you will love this face mist. You want to use distilled water with some lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, and some slices of cucumber. Add the ingredients to the fine mist spray bottle.

Use this as a guide. Try out your own combinations of water, oil, and herbs. Create a custom face mist.